Production timescales back to normal!
Production timescales back to normal!
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Soft or Hard Enamel Custom Pin Badges

Welcome! This blog post will be discussing the difference between soft enamel and hard enamel pins. It comes down to personal preference how you want your finished pin to look.  Soft Enamel Soft enamel only has one layer of enamel ink, the outline - or stamping, is the same method as hard enamel, but the enamel ink sits in "pockets" - soft enamel is recessed, with raised outline and has a "bumpy" feel.   Pros: Cartoon-like lookCan be quite detailedDetail can be achieved from 25mmLine thickness from .3mm Cons: Can't do gradient coloursNot good for overly shaded designsSimplified Hard Enamel...

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