Setting Up Artwork For Products

Roger Adams

We get asked this a lot, what's the best way to setup your artwork for a bespoke item, but mostly for pin badges.

There isn't a template, or an ideal program, but you can use anything, heck even a scanned image of a design if it's all you've got.

In an ideal world, high resolution JPEG, PNG or PDF file, Photoshop (PSD) or Illustrator (AI) are also fine.

When it comes to laying out your design, usually, it is best to have the item set out as follows:

Jordan 1 Enamel Pin Badge

The design above has the outline separate, and then the coloured version below. This then gives us the chance to see the thickness of the outline, and then to make any changes.

This is in an ideal world, we can still work with the bottom, but it may take a few changes to get 100% right.

There is no right or wrong way to provide artwork, the clearer and easier it is to read, the easier and quicker it is for us to get it back to you in one piece ready to sign off.

If you need any help setting up your artwork, please just ask - there is no charge for modifications, there is only an artwork charge if you're asking us to completely digitise and make physical changes to your artwork, this starts from £25.

Please see our design terms and conditions here

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