Who are we? Good question, and it's an important one. I believe you should know who you work with, and who you should pay your money to.
My name is Roger, I am the director, owner and basically, everyone involved in PinPals LTD - I do everything, but the manufacturing of your goods.
PinPals is based in Norwich, UK - But we outsource the majority of our production of pin badges to Kunshan, China, other products are made in various other Chinese locations.
Why use us? We're passionate, and empathetic to your needs. We will strive for the best quality in your products, and we will always be there to help should anything go wrong (with products, or hey, yourself too, always happy to listen). I am a great believer in that a mistake gives you a second chance to do the right thing, and whilst we may not always get it right first time, we will always put it right the second.

PinPals started as a means of helping the pin community with an affordable middleman service to bring you the products you need, at a price that's affordable and a service that makes it enjoyable, and you want to come back and doing it again.

Navigating Chinese factories can be difficult, and we are here to take that headache away. Why deal with factories, when you can deal with someone else who will do it on your behalf. 

We can make almost anything, if your logo or design can be put on it. We specialise in custom enamel pin badges, but we have made a multitude of items ranging from Washi Tape, Stickers, T-Shirts, 3D Printed Items, Lanyards and much much much more. If you're struggling to get an item made, give us a try.

If you need any other reason to use us, please consider, that I have two dogs and I will send you as many pictures of them as you want, so please consider this a friendly reminder, that we provide dog pics, at all times.